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        Jiangmen SongXun Window Treatment CO.,LTD


        Highcliff is located at D, 41 Stubbs Road, northeast of Hong Kong Island. It is 73 stories high and 252 meters high. It is one of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong. There are more than 100 units in the building. The exterior is a sky blue glass curtain wall, all of which are large units of 3,600 square feet and 4 bedrooms and 2 halls.

        All the living rooms of the whole building use our SG5100 electric curtains. This system runs at a uniform speed and is smooth and silent. With soft start and soft stop functions, you can stop at any position in the middle. It also has the function of pulling and moving and the function of power failure. If the system encounters obstacles, it will automatically stop to prevent damage to the curtain and motor.

        All toilets use our manual roller blinds. They are concealed installation and hidden in the ceiling, which is beautiful and safe; stainless steel metal control bead chain operation feels comfortable and elegant in appearance. The curtain can run freely and stop at any intermediate position. There are fixing devices on the side to prevent the curtain from shaking left and right.

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