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        Song, the mountain is tall and big. Xuan, the beautiful stone at the top. For forty years, Song Xuan’s core team has worked silently in the window decoration industry to provide the market with top-level products and solutions, gaining reputation in the industry and defining high-end quality standards for the market.
        We have participated in numerous high-end projects, including Hong Kong Ao Xuan, Macau MGM, etc., the provided solutions are the finishing touches of the design, and will not be the winner.

        The 21st century is the era of the Chinese. After 40 years of economic development and opening up, China is moving towards a well-off society. People deserve a better life and will have a desire for high-end products. We hope to bring high-end product choices to the Chinese market, satisfy the public's longing for a better life, and participate in the realization of the Chinese dream together
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