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        Jiangmen SongXun Window Treatment CO.,LTD

        How to remove the roller shutter screen

        How to remove the roller shutter screen:

        1. Pull out the handle of the invisible screen window 10 cm. Then slowly pull the screen window roll towards the house.

        2. Some accessories of invisible screens have a hook. The same is true as long as the hook is pulled out first.

        3. Remove the aluminum alloy from the handle. When handling it, be careful not to catch the gauze on the corners, which will cause the gauze to break.

        4. Pull out the screen when washing. After pulling it out, you can see a round tube inside the reel. Then just take a cloth and stuff it into the reel.

        Roller screen cleaning:

        1. We first slowly pulled out the handle of the screen window by nearly 10 cm, and then slowly pulled out the inside of the screen window. Some screens are invisible screens with a hook on them. We can take out the hook first, and then slowly pull the screen out.

        2. Note that when we take it, we must be careful that the net above the screen does not touch the sides around the screen. Otherwise, it will cause the screen to break. When the time comes, we will have to change the screen again.

        3. After taking out the reel of the screen window, we take an aluminum alloy object where the handle is, and slowly take it out. Be sure to take it out slowly to avoid hurting your hands because of the sharpness of aluminum products.

        4. When we were cleaning, we took out the screen, and then we saw a round thing in the reel of the screen, and then we took a rag and put it in this reel.

        5. When cleaning, if it is only the dust on the surface, we can first use a soft brush to gently wipe off the dust on the window screen, and then use a sponge or foam, put some washing powder or soap water, slowly Wipe in order, so that the dust on the screen can be removed.

        6. If our screens have stains that are difficult to clean, such as oil stains, especially the kitchen screens, it must be particularly annoying, but don’t worry, we take it down, and then put the newspaper on it. It is better to put a few more discarded newspapers. We can scrape it with a wooden spoon or tool. Then, we scraped a lot of oil stains on the discarded newspapers. Then, we gently wiped the screen with a steel ball. Then, it is best to wash it with clean water, and that's it.

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